Martin Gendelman


With a markedly international flair, the music of Martín Gendelman has been performed in Europe, South America, and across the United States. His aestheticsis the result of a diverse musical experience, influenced by expressions such as South American folk, American jazz, and the European tradition of art music. 

Created for solo, chamber groups, electronics, and orchestral ensembles, his works materialize a genuine contemporary expression, and have been received with equal enthusiasm by performers and audiences. Simultaneously, he has led many cross-disciplinary projects. Collaborating with artists from an array of disciplines, he has explored the connections between musical content and both the theatrical and spatial aspects of a performance.

Note: for additional compositions and collaborative projects see COLLABORATIONS


• Contrastes (2015) piano

• Reflejos (2012) bass clarinet and electronics
[press] [program notes]

• Bouncing (2010) viola and electronics
[score] [recording] [program notes]

• Blending Forces I (2006) cello
[score] [recording] [program notes]

• About a feeling (2005) flute/alto flute and electronics
[score] [recording] [program notes]

• Choro (2003) guitar
[recording] [program notes]

• Breathe (2003) clarinet
[recording] [program notes]

Chamber Ensemble

• Imbalance (2015) flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
[score] [recording]

• Shapes of the wind (2012) alto flute and vibraphone
[recording] [program notes] [video]

• Giocoso (2008) oboe, clarinet, and piano
Composed for the 2008 edition of the Festival Forfest in Kroměříž, Czech Republic.

• Unfolding (2007) mixed ensemble (8 performers)

See project description in Collaborations.

• Blending Forces II (2006) clarinet, cello, and marimba
[score] [recording] [program notes]

• Blending Forces III (2006) clarinet and marimba

• Sans ralentir (2004) string quartet 
[score] [recording] [program notes]

• Perturbaciones Mutuas (2004) clarinet, violoncello, and electronics

• The color of brass (2004) brass quintet

• Cuadros de una Discusión (2003) horn and viola

• Cuento (2002) clarinet, harp, and double bass
[program notes]

• Siete años (2001) mixed ensemble (11 performers)


• Patagonia Norte (2005) Chamber orchestra
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